All-in-one AI Vision Solution For Wearable Devices

Enable AI vision, interpret visual data and derive meaningful information from a wide variety of visual inputs. Make the world's information universally accessible to everyone. Experience the freedom, independence, and confidence.

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Innovative AI Vision

Model with Brite AI Vision smart glasses


Turning smart camera glasses into AI smart assistive tech, Brite AI Vision transforms your eyewear, delivering advanced AI capabilities that redefine your perception and interaction with the world around you.

Support phone's camera, USB smart camera glasses, Wifi smart camera glasses, other compatible camera devices, and image files and shared images as well.

With Brite AI Vision, you can explore your surroundings, get scene descriptions, ask questions, read text, recognize people, find objects, and much more.


We believe that AI technology should be accessible to all. Brite AI Vision offers a cost-effective solution compared to other expensive assistive devices. Our app works with normal camera glasses, eliminating the need for costly specialized devices, and making AI vision accessible to all individuals.

With Brite AI Vision, you can benefit from AI-powered assisted vision without breaking the bank.

Normal smart glasses

How It Works

Brite AI Vision camara glasses

Connect the smart glasses to your Android phone via a USB cable or WIFI. The camera captures images of your surroundings and streams them live to your phone.

Brite AI Vision App

AI-powered Brite AI Vision app processes the images and speaks to you the recognized objects, text, people, products, foods, and more.

Man wears Brite AI Vision glasses

Communicate audio feedback in real-time, helping you work, go shopping, and live a more independent life!

Our Features

Object Detection

Detect and recognize hundreds of popular objects such as people, cars, buildings, furnitures, and more.

Describe and Ask

Describe scenes in detail. Or ask for details of scenes.

Read Text

Recognize and read text from any type of surface, such as street signs, menus, labels, books, and more.

Face Recognition

Recognize and identify people by face.


You can teach the app to recognize the people or objects by labeling the sample images.

Location Detection

Detect the locations of objects relative to your position.

Distance Estimation

Estimate your relative distance to objects, assisting in spatial awareness and obstacle avoidance.

Color Detection

Detect the colors of the objects or the environment in front of you.

Voice Control

Control the app to change mode, start, stop, and more with your voice.


Provide immediate audio feedback, offering a seamless augmented reality experience.


Read, speak, and understand over 50 major languages in the world.


Support various third-party smart glasses, making them accessible to a wide audience.

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